“As a kindergarten teacher, I carefully considered the resources I would use to teach my students sight words. I liked the differentiated approach of the Eyewords program and decided to give it a try. Since then, Eyewords have become an essential component of my reading and writing programs. Thanks to Eyewords, we have a functional word wall in our classroom. The picture cues give the students context so that they can independently find words to use during writing tasks. Once the students learn the sight words using Eyewords, they easily and quickly read plain text sight words in various contexts. The students are excited and motivated to learn new words every day. I would highly recommend Eyewords for any early literacy program!”

– Andrea Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher, Thames Valley District School Board


“A new student joined our grade 2 classroom. She came to us from a different province. She was shocked and discouraged when she realized that every student in her new class was ahead of her in their reading skills. Her confidence was shattered. However, we began using eyewords everyday with her. The program was exactly what she needed. Once she made a visual connection to the word with the picture cue, she was able to transfer this knowlege to simple, palin text read in class. Her favourite thing to do in class now….READ! Thank you Eyewords for restoring a little girl’s confidence and for fostering a love of learning and reading.”

– Kim Russell, Grade 2 teacher, TVDSB


I am an Educational Assistant. In my job, it is very important that I find innovative teaching techniques as the children I work with have a huge capacity and ability to learn, but they learn differently from other students. I have been using Eyewords for the past 4 months with a developmentally challenged Down Syndrome JK student. What everyone thought was impossible has become quite possible. My student is learning to read the sight words at an incredible rate. She is able to recognize many words with the picture cue and has now started to recognize several words without the picture cue in her everyday surroundings. Nothing has been more rewarding for me than to see her smile with pride at her own accomplishments and the tears in onlookers eyes as they realize that anything is possible, no matter what the challenge. I highly recommend the Eyewords program.


– Colleen Furtado, Educational Assistant, Thames Valley District School Board

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome, wonderful sight word cards, and games. What a great idea! I have ordered 3 more sets for my kindergarten classroom to send home with students for extra practice.”

-S. Hamilton

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