Eyewords Dynamic Word Wall




What is the Eyewords Dynamic Word Wall?

  • An organized display of Eyewords Flashcards for teaching reading and spelling in the classroom
  • A visual reference, a resource for familiarizing your students with new words


How is the Eyewords Dynamic Word Wall different from other Word Walls?

The Eyewords Dynamic Word Wall uses Eyewords Flashcards to support a whole word approach to reading and engages students in their own learning. Display Eyewords Flashcards picture side showing or  plain text side showing to accommodate different levels of mastery and allow for efficient memorization of core sight words. Having a visually stimulating display of Eyewords Flashcards is especially beneficial for the growing number of learners who learn best from a holistic and visual teaching style.


Why Use a Word Wall in the Classroom?

When used effectively a word wall is an invaluable literacy tool. Using a word wall in your classroom will:

  • Guarantee easy access to key sight words your students will need
  • Help your students identify patterns and relationship in words
  • Provide support for your students during writing activities
  • Build confidence and independence as your students become readers
  • Develop a growing reading and writing vocabulary

Games & Activities

Mind Reader

In this “I Spy” type game, the teacher thinks of a word from the word wall and gives clues to the students to help them guess the word. Clues for the word “can” might include: it rhymes with “man” or it starts with the letter “c”.

Sherlock Holmes

Turn off the lights for this spooky mystery game and use a flashlight to point to the words on the word wall.  Select a student to read the word. If the student is successful, allow them to use the flashlight to point to the next word. This game can also be played with lights on using a magnifying glass instead of a flashlight.

Gone Fishing

Remove all of the words from the word wall and attach paper clips to each of them. Scatter the cards, or fish, on the floor. Tie a magnet to the end of a string, and allow the students to take turns “fishing” for words. Call out a word and select a student to catch that word.

Toy Toss/Candy Toss

Arrange the students in a circle and scatter the word wall cards on the floor in the centre. Use a soft toy to throw onto the word wall cards. Have the children take turns reading the card it lands on. To make the game more exciting, throw candy onto the word cards.

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  1. Hi,
    A colleague sent me the article that will be appearing in “The Beat”, which sparked my interest. We are ESL teachers at the secondary school level, and your approach might be of great use teaching beginner English students.

    I’m not sure on your website where to access more information, but maybe I have to send you this email. Anyway, I am glad you are having so much success.


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