Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look below to see how Eyewords products have helped others.

It is so rare to come across a resource that is beneficial to ALL of my special needs students. I have watched my sweet students go from non-readers to confident, willing participants in reading activities. Thank you so much for taking a difficult task for many with disabilities and helping me breathe new life into my reading block!!-Kristin Satcher


I LOVE these cards! Sight words are hard for so many kids to learn and these really give them a hook! Almost all of my class mastered their sight words this year! Thanks so much.-Misty J.


I have been using eyeword products since 2012/2013 a teaching partner I worked with used them. So I purchased my own and have been using them ever since. My students love them after they learn their letter and the sounds we move on using eyeword words. We have another set we hang on our word wall for the students to use when they write. I think I’ve purchased nearly all of the eyeword products. You’ve done a fantastic job thanks for the great resources!-Charity Chatterson


Amazing! This product has helped my student with severe dyslexia begin to read sight words!-Lori H. 


These have really helped some of my kiddos who were having trouble with their sight words. They get a kick out of the sayings! Thank you!-Laurie C. 


These are awesome!!! My students love the pictures and can visually see each word–thank you!! – Pam J 


Love these visuals! Will work wonderfully in my special education classroom! – Emily M